These resources may assist states in thinking about the promotion and enrollment of employers to their STC program.

States interested in focusing on promotion and enrollment of their STC program may want to look at the STC QSAP and focus on the business outreach and staff capacity and training sections to connect with other business engagement partners and staff. 

See our Meeting in a Box. This is a set of resources to help you share information about your state STC program. The Meeting in a Box includes a presentation slide deck with notes, a fact sheet, and talking points. It is a resource for you that provides the necessary tools to conduct a meeting, include valuable information in speeches, or incorporate important messages as part of a meeting presentation. These tools can be used as stand-alone pieces, or in combination, depending on the audience and setting. Download these tools and customize them for your state.

As part of promoting STC, many states are thinking about utilizing social media. States are using tools such as Facebook and Twitter to promote STC.

You may also want to see examples from other states, see the State STC Resources and Tools page to see samples of existing resources (both print and online).  

See the CARES Act and STC Grants for information about the grant program. Also see the STC and the CARES Act Webinar