The STC program, known in some states as Work Share or Shared-Work, is designed to save jobs by allowing employers facing a temporary decline in business to reduce workers’ hours while maintaining their skilled, trained workforce. Employees’ jobs – and benefits – are preserved under STC. Workers receive a percentage of the unemployment benefits they would have received if totally unemployed, thereby helping workers. Participation by states is voluntary.

The Employment and Training Administration is releasing four new Voices of Experience webcasts featuring Connecticut, Missouri, and Rhode Island state staff who have successfully demonstrated success with the Short-Time Compensation program. These Voices of Experience webcasts provide strategies, resources, and other helpful tools for states looking to engage business partners and promote their STC programs.

Each Voices of Experience webcast provides not only strategies used during implementation, but live demonstrations of both video products and radio advertisements which helped to promote the program. 

Amber Fink and Dee Rose of the Missouri Department of Labor are featured Business Outreach specialists and provide two presentations on the strategies and media they have deployed in Missouri, including Outreach and Promotional Materials and Successful Business Outreach Strategies.  

Devon O’Nalty, Connecticut Department of Labor, provides both examples of outreach material and statistics demonstrating effective streamlining of processes and business engagement success in Connecticut.

Michael Vorgetts, Rhode Island Department of Labor Work Share program, shares the success his state has had utilizing the Work Share program with the manufacturing industry and their employer-led Work Share Focus Group in Rhode Island.

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