he Short-Time Compensation program is known in some states as Work Share or Shared-Work.

The STC program is designed to save jobs by allowing employers facing a temporary decline in business to reduce workers’ hours while maintaining their skilled, trained workforce. Employees’ jobs – and benefits – are preserved under STC, and workers receive a percentage of the unemployment benefits they would have received if totally unemployed, thereby helping workers. Participation by states is voluntary.

Throughout the STC Community, you will find the building blocks to administer and implement an STC program, as well as helpful information and resources to enrich existing STC initiatives. The resources fall under the following topic areas (with resources available and linked on these meta-pages – shown in italic text):


Contact information for state and federal STC staff

The ETA is available to answer any questions and provide technical assistance to States launching or improving an STC program. Please visit the *UI Community of Practice to find ETA Regional Office contacts and State STC staff contacts.

*Please note: The is intended only for those in the workforce system who are regularly involved in UI activities, and is not open for general public participation.

For information about State STC programs, visit the State STC Websites page.